Az. Agrituristica

 Raggio Di Sole

La nostra storia

In the hamlet of Ghezzano, a stone's throw from the city of Pisa, is the Agriturismo Raggio Di Sole. The company was founded in 1984 as a rabbit farm run by my father; in 2017 I, Andrea, and my wife Sabrina took over the management, transforming it into a farm for the production of zero-kilometer vegetables and, subsequently, we became an agritourism company by making our spaces available to help schoolchildren get to know nature that surrounds them and the reason for the food on their table. We also have an area dedicated to Agricamping, which will be active shortly, and to the relaxation of adults and children. You can relax in our garden or in our spacious interior while enjoying our products, to better enjoy your most important moments. We also have an Agricultural Gastronomy where you can buy seasonal products of the highest quality.

Why choose zero km products?
• They cost less
The goods to reach the consumer must not be transported, packaged and placed on a shelf, these are steps that increase the price of the products and that in the end you pay!
• Very fresh products, without preservatives
Here you will find only seasonal products, naturally fresh!
• You can visit the manufacturing company
You can spend a nice day in the company by closely checking the products you buy and their production, rarely a purchase can be so transparent!
• Each product has the scent and flavor of the different seasons
Rediscover the typical flavors of products that are born and grow according to nature!
• It is sustainable
By choosing zero-kilometer products, you also save the environment:
- water and energy of the washing and packaging processes.
- CO2 because the products must not be transported far.
- plastic and cardboard on the packaging.